Debut Video From Blush Featuring Snoop Dogg Is First Ever Designed Using iPad Brushes App

FarWest Entertainment announced the premiere of the global debut single by Blush yesterday, June 21, as part of Yahoo! Music Monday. The animated video for “Undivided” features Snoop Dogg and marks the first-ever music video created solely utilizing the Brushes App for iPad.

Blush is Victoria, Natsuko, Angeli, Ji Hae and Alisha, five gifted girls whose edgy and fun music is delivered with a unique spin. “Undivided” is an irresistible anthem of solidarity and devotion that heralds the arrival of a group that embodies the style and spirit of girls everywhere, all with a sound and attitude like no other international act today. Snoop Dogg guests on the song’s vocal track and revolutionary new animated clip, as well as a forthcoming performance video of the single.

The clip, created by acclaimed animator Shawn Harris, was inspired by early ’80s animation from The Electric Company and Sesame Street as well as wall graffiti by mysterious international artist Blu. The final “Undivided” video features about 7,000 painstaking finger brush strokes. “The best media for this technique wasn't print, but video,” explains Harris. “The Brushes application isn't designed specifically for animation, but if you can manage to be deliberate enough to record each brush-stroke as a separate frame, it lends itself to a very organic-feeling style of stop-motion finger-painting. The video is an exposed process--basically one painting, painted over and over and over itself.”

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The “Undivided” track is produced by Darrell Brown (Keith Urban, Bon Jovi) and Steve Schnur (veteran A&R executive and producer of over 150 soundtrack albums, including tracks by Florence + The Machine and Busta Rhymes) and mixed by Manny Marroquin (Pink, Rihanna). The song’s seductive message of empowerment showcases each girl’s breakout vocals and energy, and each Blush member’s personality is as distinctive as her background:

• Victoria--‘Queen V’--is the regal and poised singer/dance with model-looks and an extensive gymnast background who while being raised in Hong Kong recorded several successful singles for the Chinese market.

• Natsuko--‘Nacho’--is the Japanese dance-crew veteran with a Hip-Hop vocal soul.

• Angeli is the sensual singer from the Philippines who was former lead singer of two bands as well as a top contestant on Pinoy Idol.

• Ji Ha born and raised in Korea, is the seemingly shy former law student with an R&B heart who has earned the nickname ‘Tiger’ because of her wild side.

• Alisha--‘L’il Ali’--is the youngest member, a multi-talented and multi-lingual Hindi singer/dancer who brings together Bollywood and Salsa with Hip-Hop and World Pop.

This BLUSH is contagious. Stay tuned for more information about the group in the weeks to come.


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