BT Set To Release Anticipated New Single "The Emergency" With Remixes September 28

Light years ahead-of-the-curve, both musically and technologically, BT releases the hotly anticipated new single “THE EMERGENCY” from his critically acclaimed studio album, THESE HOPEFUL MACHINES (Nettwerk/Black Hole) on September 28th, 2010. Featuring BT’s own vocals, the single is a compelling and powerful pop song showcasing BT’s renowned production and recording skills. “THE EMERGENCY” is a bona fide hit, ascending rapidly up the radio and club charts.

Listen to "The Emergency" (Radio Edit):

BT - The Emergency (Radio Edit) by Nettwerk Albums

“THE EMERGENCY” EP contains 13 remixes, led by five separate edits by the hit-making producer, DAVE AUDÉ, and three edits by EDM golden child, MORGAN PAGE. The DAVE AUDÉ Remix takes the meat from the original and morphs it into a soaring composition characterized by a clean acoustic piano progression that mirrors the chorus, all the while keeping BT’s vocals front-and-center. The DAVE AUDÉ Radio and DAVE AUDÉ Mixshow edits are suited perfectly for commercial radio. The DAVE AUDÉ Club Dub accentuates the groove of the single, while the DAVE AUDÉ Dub further strips down the track to its bass-driven elements.

The MORGAN PAGE Remix hits hard ‘n early with a thumping 4/4 beat sure to satiate hungry clubgoers. With a tweaky climax and thudding breakdown, PAGE’s edit is sure to succeed with house music DJs as with trance DJs. The MORGAN PAGE Radio edit is a thrilling, punchy interpretation as irresistible as maple syrup-soaked pancakes. The MORGAN PAGE Dub is the darkest, most sinister version of the single, and one that will not seem out-of-place in a cavernous afterhours party. The DRAGON, JONTRON & MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS Remix is a filthy, distorted delight with the ideal balance of tension-inducing moments and attention to BT’s vocals. The MARCUS SCHÖSSOW Remix is a minimal version filled with staccato synth stabs to keep the energy thrusting forward.

Born BRIAN TRANSEAU, BT is widely regarded by peers and fans alike as a leader in music composition, production and performance technology. BT’s ‘Laptop Symphony’ one-man shows have pushed the boundaries well beyond deejaying and opened up a world of possibilities for the electronic musician. BT’s SonifiTM app for the iPhone as well as his proprietary Break TweakerTM and Stutter EditTM software (produced by his own Sonik Architects software company) are shaping the landscape of fan-interaction and professional music production.

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