10/5 - Delerium - 'Voice: An Acoustic Collection'

Legendary and influential Canadian electronic-duo Delerium are set to release their first ever acoustic album on October 5, entitled Voice: An Acoustic Collection. The album is comprised of previously unreleased versions of Delerium's most memorable tracks, which are beautifully transformed into stripped-down, acoustic renditions that serve justice to their ambient, electronic-pop originals.  Listen to the never before released acoustic version of "Flowers Become Screens" (featuring Kristy Thirsk):

Delerium - Flowers Become Screens (acoustic) by nettwerkmusicgroup

Voice: An Acoustic Collection features serene interpretations of Delerium's most successful singles, including "Silence" (featuring Sarah McLachlan), "Lost And Found” (featuring Jael), “Innocente” (featuring Leigh Nash), and "Flowers Become Screens" (featuring Kristy Thirsk). The album also includes 3 brand new songs in the acoustic style: "Too Late Farewell” (featuring Butterfly Boucher), "Send Me An Angel" (featuring Miranda Lee Richards) and “Vienna” (featuring Elsiane).

Drawing up a closing thought on this exciting new project Delerium’s Bill Leeb reflects, “Voice is an ethereal passage to music drawn from its purest form of serenity.”

Full Track Listing:

1. Send Me An Angel (featuring Miranda Lee Richards)*
2. Dust In Gravity (Acoustic) (featuring Kreesha Turner)
3. Too Late, Farewell (featuring Butterfly Boucher)*
4. Silence (Acoustic) (featuring Sarah McLachlan)
5. Innocente (Acoustic) (featuring Leigh Nash)
6. Vienna (featuring Elsiane)*
7. Lost And Found (Acoustic) (featuring Jael)
8. Flowers Become Screens (Acoustic) (featuring Kristy Thirsk)
9. Love (Acoustic) (featuring Zoe Johnston)
10. After All (Acoustic) (featuring Jael)
11. Orbit of Me (Acoustic (featuring Leigh Nash)
12. Touched (Acoustic) (featuring Rachel Fuller)

* Never before released tracks

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