Doug Edwards

Doug Edwards is a bass player/guitarist/vocalist-producer that currently performs with the classic Canadian rock band Chilliwack. “Wildflower” by Doug Edwards and David Richardson is one of the most performed songs in the history of Canadian popular music. Guitarist Doug Edwards (with Skylark at the time) fished the lyric out of a stack and composed the melody on organ in about half an hour - about as long as it took Richardson to write the words. The arrangement is built around a basic track featuring Doug Edwards on guitar, Steve Pugsley on bass and Duris Maxwell on drums - a first take run-through serendipitously captured by producer/engineer Eirik "the Norwegian" Wangberg.

“It took a while, you kinda have to sit and wait for the inspiration to strike and then you just proceed,” says Edwards. “I don’t really remember the process, I just sorta remember doing it, thinking this is a nice melody, maybe I can go to this chord or this chord. Yeah, it is a nice melody. It’s certainly stood the test of time.”

The bed tracks we hear of drums, bass and Edwards’ flawless, searing guitar are actually the first run-through of the song. “The heavens opened up,” Edwards says today. Donny Gerard’s lead vocals and all harmonies and colour instruments were overdubbed later.

Wildflower is one of the most performed songs in the history of Canadian popular music and has sold millions of copies in more than seventy versions. It has been awarded a BMI Millionaire's Award and SOCAN Classic and Crystal Awards. It has received over 2 million plays in the US and been sampled on numerous hit urban music recordings, and has now be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame!