Mark Jowett


Contact info

1650 West 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 4R3
Tel: 604.654.2929
Fax: 604.654.1993

Mark Jowett


VP International A&R/Publishing

Mark Jowett co-founded Nettwerk Productions in 1984. He began his career as the main writer and guitar player for Moev. Mark is the key A&R person at Nettwerk with his focus on the creative aspects of the careers of the artists including choosing songs, producers and studios. He has been involved in expanding Nettwerk’s presence as a label on the international scene, especially in Europe. Mark has sat on many FACTOR juries awarding grant money to artists. He helped produce the Juno award winning album “Shiver” by the Rose Chronicles. Mark is regarded as one of the best A&R representatives in Canada with an extraordinary ability to attract talent and was responsible for brining Sarah McLachlan and Avril Lavigne to Nettwerk’s attention.