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Young Liars


Band Bio

Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes to burn its brightest, The Young Liars could've been completely dishevelled by the dissolvement of their former band. However, perseverance is a way of life for this four piece rock 'n' roll band from Nashville, TN. The Young Liars took no time off after the split and assembled in singer/guitarist Tucker Caton's basement to press on and write rock 'n' roll songs with pop sensibility while drawing upon influences from major pop rock stars of times past.

"The ability to have everyone captivated by what you are doing within 40 seconds is a pretty daunting task, but that's what this band is all about," says Andrew Kessler, lead guitarist for The Young Liars. A more true statement couldn't explain exactly what these Young Liars do. Within 40 seconds of listening to their particular brand of rock 'n' roll you have found yourself at the hook and furthermore immersed in the ride that the song is taking you on. Luckily, the rollercoaster you unknowingly boarded is full of smooth turns and gracious ins and outs, leaving you only wanting to stay aboard for another ride.

The ins and outs of songs like FREE! and Cut Me Down are a testament that rock 'n' roll is alive and very well. And like the nostalgia of a great American wooden rollercoaster or a classic muscle car the driving force of songs like Wherever You Want and The King take you to the place where American rock 'n' roll is at its finest. I challenge you to hop on your Harley, fire up the 'Vette, or climb aboard the coaster, crank up the radio and enjoy the ride that is The Young Liars.