Gareth Dunlop (Moraine)



Gareth Dunlop (Moraine)


Gareth Dunlop began his music career at age 14 by trying to play his Fathers old Yamaha guitar. After a few basic chords were established it quickly became an addiction to play and learn more and more about music.

Music performance for Gareth started in pubs and clubs but quickly moved to Auditoriums and Festivals around europe. Playing before and in some cases along side artists such as Jeff Beck, Snow Patrol, Jools Holland, Paul Carrack, Imelda May and Nanci Griffith.

"Trying to describe my music usually turns into a lengthly discussion... Essentially I play guitar and sing but i'm uncomfortable with the label (singer-songwriter). i like to play a lot of different styles of music, but more so listen to them. From big band jazz and early bebop to classic Mo-town and Americana folk. I think its honest and worth while to let yourself be influenced by the things you love. Variety is the spice of life!